New Construction in Toronto

For new houses, cottages and commercial projects in Toronto, our services include:

  • Drawings and design,
  • Structural engineering,
  • Engineering calculations,
  • Eco-friendly consultation – go green
  • Toronto City permits
  • New Construction Management


Immaculate Constructions can incorporate Green technologies in your new construction  and remodeling projects. Use Energy Star products and Eco-Friendly materials.


Construction Management Services include:

  • Understanding your project and your goals
  • Consultation in the selection of finishing materials
  • Organizing, scheduling and directing sub contractors during the construction period
  • Attending the site during the construction period
  • Issuing periodic status reports and change notices
  • Review of contractor’s invoices for payment
  • Final report

10 Problems to avoid during your new construction project in Toronto

  • Your home builder going out of business while Your project is in construction
  • Structural problems due to improper calculations
  • Your projects is stopped and you are fined because you don’t have the proper permits
  • The quality of the materials used in the construction are not what you had specified
  • The contractor uses non-licensed sub contractors that don’t follow the building codes
  • You are liable for accidents during the construction period because your contractor is not insured
  • Underestimating the cost of the construction project
  • Starting the project without an agreed upon scope of work
  • Having a contractor making the design decision for you
  • Trying to live on site during a major renovation