Reasons to renovate your Toronto house

Toronto is one of the oldest cities in Canada and thus has some of the oldest architecture. For this reason a lot of home owners are considering a move to a newer place. Perhaps your family has outgrown your home, things are too old fashioned and you’re thinking that a new house is the only option. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to.
If you love Toronto, your home and your neighbourhood but need to update your house so that it works better for you and your family renovation is probably a much better option than buying a new one. You don’t have to uproot your family, worry about how the public transportation works around your new neighbourhood, and you don’t have to leave friends and neighbours behind.
At Immaculate Construction we can handle bedroom and bathroom additions, kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations so that your home can now work for your family.

Some good reasons to think about a home reno project are:

  • Foundation may have shifted or is no longer safe
  • Basement may have developed humidity and/or moss
  • House may not be up to code
  • Add extra space to accommodate an expanding family, or simply to add a sense of spaciousness
  • Add rooms for special purposes, such as an office or games room
  • Change the configuration of the house for better flow, ease of use or orientation to sun and views
  • Update and remodel to give the house a fresher, more modern look – this could involve major changes such as taking out walls to enlarge a room, putting in a new kitchen, or installing new drywall and ceilings
  • Restore the house to its original style (while adding modern features in some areas, like the kitchen and bathroom)
  • If you are planning on selling your home a home renovation can pay for itself by raising the value of your home more than the price of the renovation
  • Moisture and water damage are two of the most dangerous things that can happen to a house. Mould grows from these spots and could be potentially dangerous
  • Energy consumption, you can save a lot of money and help the environment by making sure your house is more efficient with proper:  Insulation, windows, doors, updated A/C or Furnace.
  • You can also make sure your plumbing is up to date to avoid a large and messy problem in the future
  • Upgrading your flooring. Whether it’s wood, carpet, tile or laminate sometimes a change is necessary.
  • Finishing your basement, Instead of having a concrete storage room make your basement a great part of your home. Play area for kids, TV room, or a rentable apartment  are some of the many things you could do with a finished basement
  • Roofing issues. Any roof issue is a cause from concern because a small leak can turn into a full out collapse if enough snow is lying on top. Make sure the roof over your family’s head is a safe one
  • Termite damage and rotted wood. When your house is supported by wood beams and their integrity has been compromised you cannot risk a possible catastrophe
  • Upgrading a look for a bathroom. Even though they are the smallest rooms of the house they are vital and everyone deserves to have one they can feel comfortable in
  • Changing the concept of your home. An open concept can give your socializing area a more welcoming look as well as more room to enjoy
  • Landscaping. Your home isn’t just limited to the insides, make you’re your front and backyards are places you can be proud of and that you and your family can enjoy.